Kind Like Chiron: Getting Through The Holidays

So the Sun is in Capricorn now.

And on Tuesday Mercury enters Capricorn and the Moon will enter Libra on Christmas Morning and Mars will oppose Uranus and…

Heard enough? The Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Aries) are at war with each other. At war with you. At war with themselves. You will want to take action. Like the Wands suit in the Tarot. You will feel energized, mobilized, annoyed, agitated, even enraged. And then it’ll pass and then another transit will come to take its place and knock you off balance. Reminds me of a pinball machine.

A saving grace in all this cardinal hot mess: the Sun and Mercury in early degrees of Capricorn will sextile Neptune and Chiron. Yeah, that’s the sky we’re talking about. When a SEXTILE TO CHIRON is our lifeboat. Be kind like Chiron.

And the Moon entering Scorpio on Friday the 27th is a RELIEF (rather than a dark descent – which is how it usually feels to me).

Sun and Mercury square Uranus on the 29th…

Mars squares Pluto on the 30th..

I really don’t want to overwhelm you with the dirty details, but giving you a soft focus approach.

I think you need to… take a deep breath.

And then another.

And don’t do anything rash. And maybe hide the cutlery.

And can you get take-out for Christmas? I know I can  Being Jewish and all — it’s my tradition 🙂

And then on the 1st is a New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto. Yes you heard me right. THE NEW MOON (and thus the Sun as well) IS CONJUNCT PLUTO.

This is.. stillborn energy. Stillborn. It’s DEAD. And I’m sorry to be dramatic and gruesome but I’m also not. Because I want you to be aware that it’s NOT YOU.

That EVERYONE is under this same sky.

And when something is dead, the right thing to do is to give it a proper burial, with respect, dignity, a little ceremony, some food and drink (if that’s your tradition), say something heartfelt and/or solemn, and then sleep it off.

Remember, please do remember, that during the first week or so after a loved one dies, their soul is… extra close to you. I mean this literally. Extra close, they are around you. You can see them when you squint your eyes just a little. Or in your peripheral vision.

So whatever it is you’ve lost – even if you wanted to lose it – you’ve got these weeks now to make a little peace from the ravages of your own little war. And do give it some structure, for the sake of SATURN (Capricorn’s ruler). I’m picturing a proper Japanese tea ceremony. Or sit shiva-like for a day. Mourn your losses, peer into them, get as close as you can get, embarrassingly so.

What advice would you give? 

Love, MP

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