Kicking Back: When Pluto Opposes Your Sun

pluto opposition sun I’m having so many thoughts about my transits, in particular my Sun Pluto transit, that I don’t know where to start. And sometimes it feels hard to separate them out. Every outer planet at this time is in aspect to my chart. Chiron (and Mars) too.

So let me start by talking about energy, about power, about magic. And I may use these words interchangeably until I find just the right word. I am talking about personal power, personal magic. The energy/power/magic that is within you (within me, within all of us) that has the potential to grow, to sprout heads 🙂 and become a force to be reckoned with. And thus needs to be harnessed, directed, focused, gathered in so that…

-it doesn’t overwhelm you
-it doesn’t deplete you
-so that you can USE it rather than be used or abused by it.

Last night in the chat room, in the middle of the night, I was telling someone that I felt like a dog. A frustrated powerful chained up dog in terms of the energy. The power is there but it’s a mess. A dog (snake? that’s another possibility but I felt dog more than snake) ready to strike if the chain were to be cut. This is like the Strength card reversed. The animal nature is there, quite potent, but the woman/person isn’t in “control” of it.

And then this morning I was chatting with a friend, seeking an image for myself or a simple mantra, around getting a handle on this energy and an image came to mind. Instead of the frustrated dog, I saw the Emperor Tarot card, with a dog on either side, protective. Ready if need be. See what I’m getting at here. Same energy but different expression of it. One is desperate. One is poised.

Pluto opposing your Sun (by transit) is a painful expunging of what you cannot possibly keep holding onto: feelings of guilt, feelings of shame, feelings of fear. When Pluto opposes/exposes your Sun it is high time you stand up to the bully in your life — even if that bully is you. I even started to feel that it’s a necessary transit and the Cancers who are under this transit at this time… you have to change. If you continue to be a doormat, Pluto will run right over you, leaving tire tracks on your face. If you act too fast or rashly, without proper Pluto/Scorpio planning, it could backfire. Pluto opposing your Sun is about focusing directing harnessing your personal energy/power/magic. Knowing it is there. And using it if need be. Sharpening your tools slowly slowly slowly.

Using power wisely may include kicking back. I don’t mean kicking back in terms of a margarita. You can have your margarita when the day is done. I mean kicking back because you’ve been kicked for how long? And Pluto has come to teach you what to do.

SO, if you are under this transit or identify with this post: you need to get practical. You need concrete exercises, mantras, visualizations, whatever works for you. Daily. Martial Arts comes to mind. Working with the breath. Getting stronger. Weight training. Discipline. Find higher vibration Scorpios to emulate 🙂 My friend said: send the energy up, from the root to the crown, out through the crown. A filtration system, a cycle. Keep renewing. Could be an interesting exercise anyway to see how strong your foundation/root chakra feels.

I’m taking this week off pretty much because we’re packing to move. Should be back to normal early next week in terms of readings. Happy to schedule you if you want to secure yourself a spot. As always, check out my Services page for single-session rates and packages for my frequent flyers 

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