Keywords For The 7th House: Me, You, And Everyone Else

"7th house"

Agreements, alliances, business partners…

Really touched by the comments folks left on my 6th House post. Thank you.

Clients, controversy, contacts with others…

Let’s move on to the 7th House now and see what — or who! — turns up!

Dealings with the public, divorce, fugitives!

An aside: ย my 7th House is empty. Or is it?

OPEN ENEMIES! (Look for them by transit!)

I’ve got the Warrior Goddess there: Pallas Athena!

Marriage, your husband, your wife, contracts, contractual relationships…

AND my North Node in the 6th is conjunct my 7th House cusp so… well.. make of that what you will.

Partners, peace, the people in your life…

Am I fighting with windmills? Or is there someone there? Will MoonPluto ever find happiness amongst the humans ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will you??

Rivals, sweethearts…

Another aside – the other night on the phone with someone whose Mars opposes my Mars. Oy. My Moon in Virgo struggles to make sense of… his Mars, his Moon and I feel like a robot, a machine. I go into high Virgo trying to figure it out BUT hello Virgo STOP TRYING and just…

Welcome to my 7th House. Pisces-land. Relationships confuse me.

And you know what they say about the 7th House: the qualities associated with the planets in this house or the sign on the cusp are YOURS and/or you will attract such and/or you will project such onto others rather than own what is truly yours.

So someone with Pluto in the 7th House may not realize how passionate, intense, and manipulative they are ๐Ÿ˜‰ They will outsource those qualities. Important not to let the qualities of 7th House planets or the sign on the cusp become blindspots. This takes work. People will… defend themselves to the death: it’s not ME! It’s them! Well, it is you, too. And the more you blame others, the more obvious it is to the rest of us.

What’s happening in your 7th? What sign is on the cusp? What planet rules that sign?ย 


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