Keywords For The 6th House And Other Ghosts

"root chakra"

Domestic animals, the care of the body, the health of the body

Just a quick post before I get to work.

Busboys, butlers, cafeterias…

Writing gets me started in the morning and I wanted to continue my series on the 12 Houses. We’re up to the 6th House

Cats, cooks, dieticians…

and my question for you is this:

Doctors, dogs, doormen…

how do you know when Spirits are around you and I’m specifically referring to spirits or souls of departed loved ones.

Clothing, how you dress, food…

Yesterday was my mother’s yartzeit and I felt pretty heavy, but it’s this morning that I feel... but feel isn’t quite the right word. It’s more of a… knowing.

Healing, healers, harvesting, your health…

As I wake up, get up, prepare my coffee…

Herbs, illness, hygiene…

Maybe it was the coffee that did it. That sense memory. And when I tune in to the coffee, to other minutes of daily life… I feel them. My grandparents, my mother. Her apartment, her coffee-maker, her hair.

Work, daily routines, daily life…

And it’s very location-based. I am seeing, feeling Miami. And it’s different than ordinary memories. It’s like… I’m inside the memories. Like I’m back there.

Not one day in particular but the whole thing – the QUALITY of the life, how it felt (okay, using that word) when it was good, when it felt okay. Peaceful feeling. Bagels on the patio. The smell of the beach. Humidity. Blue sky. Too much traffic. The mall. Visits on college breaks. The grey hair sprouting at my temples now just like hers. How in photographs I’m beginning to look more and more like her, a strong face.

What I wouldn’t give to have her here, visiting me, to be able to make her coffee. It’s been almost 20 years.

So that’s my 6th house, where my North Node is — and for me the 6th is all the little things, little routines, little moments that you don’t want to be alone for. We want to share our 6th. The 6th borders the 7th House of other people, the partner.

My 6th is ruled by Uranus (weird, original) and my natal Uranus inconjuncts (needs adjustment) my North Node in early Pisces. It’s interesting to me — I have only one natal inconjunct and I see this aspect a lot in client charts. People needing adjustment 🙂

What’s happening in your 6th? 


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