Keywords For The 5th House

"saturn in the 5th house"


I ain’t got nothin’ in the 5th House.

5th House is a ME house so it’s fitting to start this post with that word: ME 🙂

The 5th House is Leo’s domain! The SUN!

Amusements, arenas, artistic endeavors…

Are you creative? 

Boxing, bullfights, casinos…

Do you like to have fun? What is fun to you? Saturn rules my 5th house of fun! (Oy)

Courtship, circuses, cinemas…

And your love life? Is it a 5th Housey kind of love life? Do you take risks, fun or otherwise?

Children, chance, creativity…

The 5th House is your unique self-expression, your art, your urge to make art. Now that I remember, my Vertex is in the 5th House (using Placidus. It moves to the 6th in Equal houses)

Games, gambling, fun!

Is your 5th house empty or full? What do you have there? Do you recognize yourself in these keywords?

Love affairs, lotteries, joy!

Think of any 5th Housey people in your life or Leo-y people. Do you think they have or express joy better than others? Do other chart factors lessen their joy?

The heart, horse racing, parties…

When I think of the 5th House I think of something that I don’t have. Saturn rules this house for me. BUT then I remember that my 11th House is busy and opposing houses are always in conversation with each other.

Parenthood, picnics, one’s passions…

The 5th is more personal. It’s YOU. The 11th is more other people. It’s Aquarian. The 5th house is EGO. The 11th House is a do unto others house.

Raffles, resorts, romance…

An ideal 5th House person is generous, warm, encouraging, never stingy, and by example shows the rest of us how to enjoy.

Saloons, the stage, stadiums…

She or he enjoys a good cigar.


And then this nugget:  the 5th House is also one’s soul.

Interesting. Do you think this soul business with the 5th House is because the 5th House is related to the Sun and our Sun is our identity and thus the soul-connection? Makes me curious about Bills’ source here but his index is lengthy. I’d have to do further research to know the origins.

For now though, I’ll let the fascination sit. And it is fascinating. After all these fun and games and lusty keywords and kids to reach THE SOUL?

What is it that we do not yet understand about the 5th House? The esoteric meaning? Without a doubt this is a case for Isabel Hickey. Note to self: revisit her milestone text later today for more and deeper 5th house discussion.

The 5th House? The love you give. The 11th: the love you RECEIVE.

(Notice also some of the keywords include brutality to animals… “games” which were “amusing” — not to me but obviously to many)

I  don’t mean to make the 5th sound lesser than the 11th. It’s not. For example, North Node in the 5th must embrace their individual ego. North Node in the 11th must leave some of that behind. And of course if you have, for example, a “serious” sign Scorpio for example, on the 5th House cusp, that will alter its fun-loving nature. You may find Scorpio stuff more fun than Leo stuff. And this is always an interesting mix because Scorpio and Leo square each by sign…

See how astrology works? Like this!

Tell us about your love and what planet rules the house of your love 🙂


PS Already thinking about the New Moon in Aries? Well? Are ya? I am 🙂

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