Keywords For The 4th House

"the 4th house"

One’s life purpose, milkmen, old age, rooming houses…

The 4th house! I’m enjoying what has become my series on the 12 Houses and we are at no. 4!

Places of rest, buried treasure, the womb…

Now, what are the most obvious, oft-cited 4th House keywords? Anyone?

That’s right: home, family, mother or father, Cancer, the Moon…

Why you are the way you are = inherited tendencies…

My teacher used to use the phrase “symbolic foundations” for the 4th House.

Unmoveable possessions, private life, motels, hotels, houses…

Interesting that the 4th has to do with “permanent homes” i.e. something you buy vs. temporary homes, like a motel room. This points to the idea that ALL homes really are impermanent. Just like our bodies. All our shells (hello Cancer!) are temporary.

The 4th House rules (in Bills’ words) “the ultimate disposition of the body.” 

In readings I find that the 4th House is definitely “where you come from” — or at least one of the houses that shows this. I see it in the 3rd House too (and in aspects, especially Moon aspects).

Outcomes, results, endings…

But the 4th House can also be the house or family sitch you are in today. Jupiter transits to the 4th often bring a move, usually to a bigger place. Bigger doesn’t always mean better though.

Breasts, one’s burial, end of life, your domestic life, hidden things…

Pluto through the 4th, well, I’m counting the days ’til Pluto leaves my 4th. Those years were marked by death, changing house, general uprooting and excavation of… just about everything.

We could say, yes we could say, that transit has made me who I am.

Ah! Digression! Take a look at  your chart for Capricorn (at or around 9 degrees) and where Pluto is now… check if he’s at the beginning, middle, or end of a house….

Pluto transits are major transitions. And you won’t completely know the meaning of this transit until the end or near the end and you scoop up the shards of your life and… take a picture.

A few questions for you today: 

Is there a transit that made you “who you are?”

Do you have planets in the 4th House? An empty 4th House? What’s your relationship to family? 


PS Many of the keywords have their origin in derivative houses  something I don’t think I’ve ever talked about here. But, for example, it’s why the 8th House is considered “other people’s money” — because the 7th House is your partner so the 8th house is, so to speak, your partner’s money i.e. your partner’s “2nd House.” Get it? And you can go all around the wheel like this and find just about anything. So for example, the 3rd house is siblings so the 4th House would be your sibling’s earnings. Make sense? As though the 3rd house were your siblings 1st House and thus your 4th House is their 2nd. If this confuses you, ignore it 🙂

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