Keywords For The 3rd House

"mercury retrograde"

Travel agents, airmail, atlases…

Okay. I’m biased. I *rarely* if ever think about the 3rd House.

Bicycles, boat trips, bookkeepers!

It just doesn’t interest me. We all have our favorites. Do we have to love everything equally?

Clever people, cars, calculations…

It’s not dark or mysterious or spooky or gloomy or flashy.

Contracts, conversation, one’s everyday environment. Fingernails. Gossip. 

It’s GEMINI’s natural house. Chatty, social, restless, writing Gemini. Gemini’s fun. Okay. That’s cool.

Communication of all kinds. Delivery men! 

It *should* interest me. I’m a writer.

Memory, mailboxes, literature!

And yet… There it sits. On the wheel. Big deal.

Hobbies! Highways! Hands! Ideas! Ideas are cool. 

Tonight I’ve headed back to Rex Bills in the hopes that my perusal of his keywords lists will inspire something in me!

Short journeys, librarians, short librarians on journeys that are short, like… to the mailbox! 

Maybe, just maybe, there is some magic and/or drama in the 3rd House and… we just need to find it.

Messages, messengers, motion pictures! Novels, news, nervous energy! 

And with Mercury retrograde on the way, the time is now!

Walking, writers, visitors! Traffic, transit, trucks! Teachers, telephones, telegrams.

The 3rd House takes us SOMEWHERE. The 3rd House makes us move. The 3rd House? On the road!

Running, runners, THOUGHT.

Are you thinking now? About the 3rd House?

What’s in your 3rd? 


Note to self: Mercury rules worry

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