Keywords For The 2nd House

"uranus in the 2nd house"

Do you have planets in the 2nd House?Β 

I have two planets in the 2nd House although one of them is very close to the cusp so I read it for the 1st House and 2nd House.

In Placidus it’s a 2nd House planet and in Equal it’s in the 1st. Yeah, I read it for both no matter what. I feeeeeel it for both. Astrology is like that. Feelings matter!

Introducing some 2nd House keywords which many of you will be familiar with but bears repeating, taken from Rex Bills‘ famous Rulership Book:

Oh and one other thing before I start: my teacher taught us that the 2nd House was the house of self-worth. I go along with this. I use it in my readings. I think it’s true. But it’s a more modern view.

Whenever I start going with the keywords, I always feel like that gameshow 20,000 Pyramid:

budgets, cash, earnings, one’s capacity to earn, financial gain, giving and receiving, material possessionsWhat is the 2nd House?? (cue audience applause — you young folk may not get that reference but who knows)

Let me interrupt myself here. As I was going through Bills’ list, I realized that the 2nd House, although solidly focused on gain (I believe) also contains LOSS. Just like the Tarot cards in upright form contain the gain and the loss.

The 2nd House isn’t just about profit; it’s also about the loss of profit. Yes folks it’s an energy thing. Which way will the energy go and how will you interpret, measure it.

wealth, resources, purchasing power, pleasure from one’s profession, money, where you keep your money, borrowing or lending of money

And three more keywords for now which fascinated me

friends of the family, liberty, freedom

How many of you knew that FREEDOM is a 2nd House keyword? I didn’t! We often associate freedom with Jupiter or Uranus but oh yes the more (OR LESS) money that you have, the more you Β are free. Free to choose.


Begin to consider the astrological houses in all their complexity and this can be done with Rex Bills‘ book alone and a clear head.

Remember too that the 2nd House is associated with Taurus and Taurus is Venus-ruled but perhaps we’ll cover that in another post soon because, yes, Venus is in Taurus now!!!!!

What planet rules your 2nd House? How is it aspected?Β 


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