Keywords For The 10th House: I Am My Mother’s Daughter

"10th house"

My mother didn’t understand my smoking.

She would say something like “But you take such good care of your health…”

And I did. I was a vegetarian then too.

I remember trying to hide it. But she knew. When she finally gave up, I stopped hiding it and would smoke outside by the water.

The 10th House is opposite the 4th house: it’s the Capricorn/Cancer axis, the parental axis. Capricorn = Daddy. Cancer = Mommy. Although some astrologers switch it or give the 10th to the dominant parent.

She was a hands-off parent. I wasn’t much trouble. She’d probably disagree. Whatever my trouble was… was reaction to the crazy around me — depression, not wanting to go to school, trauma from the family.

My point is that I didn’t… make trouble or get into trouble or steal or hurt anyone or take drugs or runaway (except to the laundry room one day)…

So the ONE night in high school, the ONE NIGHT when I stayed out ALL NIGHT and came home in the morning to find her worried, I was surprised. These were the days before cell phones. Went with a mohawked friend to a u2 concert. Unforgettable Fire tour 🙂

I can’t remember what we talked about but she had been up all night. I think I resented ANYONE telling me what to do. I mean, I wasn’t doing anything wrong and NOW you are setting rules? After what YOU did? Fuck.

She was a Scorpio. They don’t let you know shit. Until they do.

The 10th House is less personal than the 4th House. And yet. And yet EVERYBODY sees it.

Some 10th House keywords:

achievement, ambition, advancement, celebrities, your career, bosses, dignity, fame, your reputation, how the public sees you, kings, mastery, popularity, your morals!

Are you having a 10th House transit? 


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