Jupiter Your Big Balloon (and a few words about Mercury in Aquarius RX)

I hope you have someone in your life who gives you hope.


This morning I was looking through my ephemeris and noticing that in March, Jupiter goes direct but both Mars (action) and Saturn (structure) are retrograde.

Does Jupiter being direct cancel the sturm und drang of planets not at their full power?

Astrologers disagree about what retrograde planets mean. Reminds me of reversed Tarot cards. Do the retrograde planets perform the OPPOSITE action? Or is it more subtle. The energy present but twisted somehow. OR, not quite there. Mars neutered. Saturn loosey goosey. And then others believe that retrograde planets are wholly interior conversations.

But back to my original point: does a Jupiter now direct cancel out whatever pains a retrograde Mars and a retrograde Saturn would cause. Lack of motivation perhaps. Lack of commitment. Can’t find the urge. No rules, uncertain plans, things fall apart. These two are semi-sextile through March as well which opens up ANOTHER can of worms: whether the semi-sextile is helpful, hurtful, or “just normal life” (which is what I call it). They are neighbors. They don’t alway see eye to eye. But they keep each other’s secrets. There’s a basic respect between them. They don’t get in each other’s way. OF COURSE your Libran friend has a secret Scorpio side. Normal life.

But back (once again) yes back to my original point: does Jupiter now direct cancel out…

Well, said MoonPluto, it depends on how big your balloon is. And whether you are willing to see the sky even on the darkest, most rainy cloudy thicketed with despair day. And whether you are willing to let the balloon go up, let go of it, let go of the string.

I hope you have a Jupiter person in your life and if you don’t then perhaps once Jupiter goes direct (in early March at 10 degrees Cancer) you may acquire one 🙂


A few thoughts about Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius:  that there was something *wrong* with your thinking.

Strange about these retrograde periods (all three of them this year) starting at low degrees of water signs and retrograding back to the previous signs, air signs.

So we’ll really be working with TWO levels here — feeling AND mind. Cups AND Swords (for the Tarot fans here). I think we’ll all be shown our “logical errors.”

Mercury in the water signs — “they say” — is “subjective” — but lordy who isn’t? Water logic. But then water logic looking back to COLD HARD AIR.

The THOUGHT planet (Mercury) moving from the feeling signs to the so-called rational signs.

My point being: there’s a shape shift going on with all three of these retrograde periods. Some sleight of hand. But I’m here to expose it to you now.

We BARELY get started in water. The retrogrades happen at THREE degrees or less! And then we have to do AIR again! We have to THINK? ALL OVER AGAIN? THUS there was a PROBLEM with how we were thinking (and in terms of thinking about WHAT, you must refer to the house in your chart that is affected).

I think this is how it’ll play out, overall, energy wise: the REDO, the REVIEW — is about our so-called logic. Our so-called rational minds. OUR RATIONAL MINDS WERE NOT WORKING, IT’S A DO-OVER, A DO-OVER IS REQUIRED.

See, our FEELINGS aren’t the problem with these retrogrades because we’ll speed through the water signs unhampered. It’s the THOUGHT PROCESSES that need/needed shaking up, renewal.


You will want to THINK ABOUT those sectors of life, the houses. You will want to SEE (remember that Mercury rules your sight) what is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU and what needs to be done differently. But “DONE” is the wrong word here because it’s not necessarily about action but about PERCEPTION! How you see things.

And one of your jobs will be to SPOT THE RATIONALIZATION. Rationalizations are Gemini’s spirit animal. Rationalizations = lying to yourself, lying to others. Or both. This, to me, is what is esoterically underpinning all three retrogrades, starting with this one 🙂

What are you reviewing, redoing, and renewing? 

Love, MP

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