Jupiter Trine Saturn, December 12th, 2013

Jupiter makes an exact trine to Saturn on December 12th and this won’t be your only chance to accept this energy.

But you have to pay attention. Do your  meditations. And not just when I remind you. You have to look out the window. And go for walks. Do whatever it is you do. Sleep with your cards under your pillow 🙂

Jupiter is retrograde now. Saturn is direct. For all of December, they are really not that far apart, even though Jupiter is pushing away.

In May 2014, they get verrrry close again. And in June too, as Jupiter moves ahead and Saturn falls back. By July the distance grows and Jupiter enters Leo. The End!

I get these glimpses. Mystery. Why I’m here. Why certain people have come to my life. Crossroads. Timing. Not the whole story. Pieces. I am not interested in anything but an examined life.

Jupiter is the clown, the storyteller and smiling prophet. Saturn is your aching bones, the rules, wisdom from experience, wisdom earned. Jupiter KNOWS all will be well. He just knows! No evidence or years required!

How can they possibly get along? And yet they must. To create anything that can sustain. And they will, especially so, now and in the first half of 2014.

Both these guys in water signs can get sloppy, sloshing around (even though Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, I don’t really “feel” it, but that’s a topic for another time).

Saturn has less “dignity”(and I’m not using that word in the astrological sense but in the usual sense) in Scorpio because Scorpio is so… raw. Emotional. Saturn’s NOT into that.

But the two of these in trine is magic. Jupiter is the intent to do good 🙂 and Saturn is actually sitting down to craft an intention, a spell.

Thus I want to encourage you (which is what Jupiter does). If you suffer from an abundance of mystery and are seeking answers… that this transit will pry open that portal. Give form to all those leaps of faith.

One more piece of advice: go in through the heart. This is a transit of the heart. Some transits are of the kishkas 😉 some are of the intellect. This one is all heart. And gravitas 🙂 Now THAT is some Jupiter in Cancer I can get with.

18 degrees Cancer and Scorpio: you water signs with planets or points at (or around) these degrees will benefit muchly!

Love, MP

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