Jupiter Trine Pluto: Everlasting Tape & Glue

"jupiter trine pluto" I decided to ask my Uncle about Vietnam this morning — I don’t know why it was on my mind. Maybe the Bob Dylan song on my Spotify station. “Nothing famous,” he said (about battles he may or may not have been in). I think about my people (the people I love) all the time but I don’t always reach out except when I’m in trouble. And then I start to feel ashamed because I realize this. And maybe I’m being too hard on myself. Maybe not. My mother died when I was in my 20s and she definitely kept the family together. And then my grandparents passed as well but by then it was already over. But I think about my people all the time.

What does this have to do with Jupiter trine Pluto? I wanted to write my Jupiter trine Pluto part two before I talk to clients, after getting my coffee, cleaning, making the master to-do list for the day. Haven’t even draw my daily cards yet. And I wanted to talk about magic(k), about revisions I’m making to that page (which is here) because FINALLY I feel most clear about the missing piece. About how I don’t do the ritual or the spell for you but there IS something that I must do for you (besides talk to you and create the thing). But that may have to wait. Busy day. Mercury goes direct soon. These days are most wobbly.

Jupiter trine Pluto can put you back together. And this won’t be our only chance of course because Jupiter will retrograde eventually and then go direct — so we’ll get three chances at putting ourselves back together.

Why? Because Pluto is forever.


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