Jupiter Transit Through The 12th House

jupiter through the 12th house Recovery.

I just posted on my Facebook timeline. That’s the word for my Jupiter transit. I’ll have Jupiter in my 12th House for a year. And I kept thinking: oh I’ll mediate more. I’ll get to know my angels better 🙂 I was looking for details. Do this, do that, talk to this one, talk to that one. Go out less. Go out more. Hide away. Open up. Psychic stuff. And then it hit me.


Recovery and healing from Jupiter in Cancer, when Mars was in Libra for so long (and Mars is still Libra by the way but not for much longer!!!). We had such high hopes for Jupiter in Cancer but I think many of us didn’t expand the way we wanted to. Well, I know some folks got cake, but many (even water signs) did not.

That’s all I got for now. That one word.

What’s your word for Jupiter in Leo? What house is it transiting?

Jupiter is at zero Leo. We are at the beginning. But these first minutes, moments, hours, days tell the story.
What is yours? 

From my Facebook:

About the class and your upcoming VISION QUEST TRANSITS (Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius):

What is fire? It’s a light in the dark, a TORCH. We need fire if we want to SEE.

we’re going to be discussing the fire of faith! The fire of inspiration! The fire of creativity! The fire of INTUITION!

These are the guiding themes…

And we’re going to discuss:
Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius (which also means Uranus in Aries gets discussed and other pertinent fire transits).

THE FIRE OF KNOWLEDGE. Both Jupiter and Saturn are teacher archetypes.

And we’re going to be discussing YOUR charts, what these transits could mean for YOU.

Are you low in fire? Do you need fire? I have Venus in Leo in the 12th House. I have progressed Sun and Mars in Leo in the 12th House. I WANT TO SET MY FIRE FREE!

We will use the fire of ideas to go higher and higher, like a flame.

Some details about my SUMMER CLASS can be found here, on this blog post. Additional details can be found on my Facebook Timeline. Most of my posts are public, easy to find. Got questions? Email me at moonpluto@gmail.

I’ll be up and running doing readings later this week, once our Internet is connected. I miss my clients! For details about single-sessions and packages for my frequent flyers, please visit my Services page. 

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