Jupiter Square Uranus, August 21st 2013

I woke up thinking about what’s not straightforward in your life at this time and what is–

Saturn is retrograde. Neptune is now retrograde. Pluto is retrograde.

URANUS is direct (until mid-July!)

Also, Mercury goes retrograde at the end of this month, the day after Jupiter enters Cancer so I want you to focus on

1. Uranus and 2. Jupiter

That’s where the light is. More clarity and sudden movement and THE FUTURE.

Retrograde planets are review. Planets in direct motion have no time to waste. They take you there.

Uranus wants you to be free. Jupiter wants you to have hope, to believe. I love these two in aspect. It makes magic.

Now of course Jupiter in hard aspect can be an exaggeration, a promise that doesn’t deliver, and Uranus in hard aspect is, well, frightening for many (the Tower card comes to mind) but let’s focus on the positive for the moment πŸ™‚

Jupiter is opportunity and Uranus is a FAST (especially in Aries). These two together? Like crashing into a rainbow. Now with Jupiter in Cancer these two will square…


Think about that for a moment. Squares live INSIDE you, in your body, and this square is going to force you to trust your intuition like never before and take that leap like never before despite the zigs, the zags, and the fear.

And I’m not even going to mention Pluto in Capricorn in this post, which will oppose Jupiter in Cancer, still squaring Uranus.

Isabel Hickey talks about the rapidity of Uranus’ vibration. Do you feel that? I do. How, for example, Uranus is in its detriment in Taurus because Taurus is so solid and concerned with stuff and Uranus “couldn’t care less” about the material world. Although I’m living more from my Venus these days, I still have a “don’t care” bottom line (with my Sun, Mercury and Mars in the 11th House). I think for myself. I don’t follow fashion (clothing or thinking) or collect ANYTHING.

Where in your life will you be more free? NEED to be more free. Uranus is there. Where in your life are you taking a chance? NEED to take a chance. Uranus is there. Where in your life could you actually *benefit* from a Jupiter Uranus square? Where do you need to think big and love big. Where is your life going to blow up but in a good way. Hmm.

Uranus blows things up, yes. In other words, you feel compelled to change under a Uranus transit. Or change is thrust upon you. And Jupiter in Cancer is fear. Yes. Jupiter in Cancer is fear. Okay, all the signs, all the planets, have many key words and associations and Cancer IS strong and Cancer IS powerful and Cancer IS the mother but Cancer can also be timid. Cancer is sensitive. Retreats to the shell.

So Uranus in bossy Aries comes and squares Jupiter in Cancer and squares your Cancer planets if you have them and says WHAT THE FUCK and I AM GOING TO HAVE TO YANK YOU OUT OF THAT SHELL BECAUSE THAT FUCKING SHELL IS PUTRID. IT STINKS.

Or something like that πŸ˜‰ and maybe not in so many words but think SPIN CYCLE.

Now the first square between these two will be when Uranus is retrograde so consider it a smaller explosion but an explosion nonetheless. Crashing into a rainbow. Flowers from a cannon. Harshing your self-protective buzz in exchange for a risk you must take.

Love, MP


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