Jupiter Square Saturn (By Transit)

"Jupiter square saturn" A gal in one of the chat rooms mentioned Jupiter square Saturn in the context of our current sky… that Jupiter in Leo (lovable lion) is square Saturn in Scorpio (dark and stormy)  in wide orb currently.

And I took a look in my little book. The square won’t be exact this year. But in closer orb? YES. Jupiter chases after Saturn but doesn’t quite catch up. It’s like… your train leaves without you on it. The Saturn Train 😉 We get a taste of this energy without swallowing. The orb is wide now but it will decrease in the fall thus we’ll feel it more.

This made me think of course 🙂 because I have a natal Saturn in Taurus in my 9th House! This already IS a Jupiter Saturn interchange. And Jupiter in Leo will square my Saturn.

And I said this (well, something like this):

One way this could play out:

Jupiter hopes to shove those pessimistic beliefs out of the way or tries to, but it feels like nonsense to you, poppycock — like a person who tells you to CHEER UP when you’re crying your eyes out —

Or, actually, that this very ISSUE (how you limit yourself) is brought front and center. How you have done this, how you will keep doing this — unless you make the necessary changes. Small picture versus big picture. And frankly you are too old now to keep thinking SMALL picture (says Saturn). Jupiter isn’t much nicer. You feel trapped between “I can’t” and “how do I get there?” I think I’ll just go back to bed says Jupiter square Saturn.

Your thinking is heavy, FIXED, and dark. Unless you work (Saturn) at it. Work at hope (Jupiter).

It does feel like a shitty self-esteem transit — in the sense that you can no longer IGNORE it:  the ways YOU RESTRICT YOURSELF. Your lack of belief.

Every 12th House transit and, in fact, every Saturn transit is about restriction in some way. As I wrote above: the ways we limit ourselves, restrict ourselves.

Suddenly a keyword comes to mind: ungrateful. I think that’s Jupiter Saturn in hard or confusing aspect (in a nutshell).

I was sitting on the floor just now, talking to my husband, feeling sorry for myself. Worried about money, worried about health, just plain worried. And I stopped myself. And I said: okay. I’m going to list some things I’m grateful for RIGHT NOW. 

That’s one thing you can do for Jupiter Saturn in hard aspect, anytime, anyplace. Even if it feels hollow. Find that ONE THING that sets you apart from the dirt on the rug, you know? One thing.

Love, MP

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