Jupiter Square Jupiter: Tell Your Story

"jupiter square jupiter" So I went in search of Jupiter square Jupiter. I’ll be having this transit soon and Google is my friend but there wasn’t much interesting. Words like “excess” or “over-optimism” and not much else to attach to.

What I keep reading keeps saying that it can really go either way. You over-do it or you miss an opportunity. Sounds kind of depressing actually. How can this be? It’s Jupiter square Jupiter! 

This morning, on Skype with a client, we talked about the nature of the astrological square, causing “inner tension.” To me, it’s the feeling that something is not quite right and needs to be fixed, adjusted, changed i.e. I don’t have enough money so I need more. A feeling of discontent, dissatisfaction, leading to action. Jupiter square Jupiter WANTS MORE. Wants more of WHAT? Check the houses. Wanting more is no guarantee you’ll get it thus the reputation of this square causing the lazy. We want and then we go back to bed with cake.

I suggest a mega manifestation project if you are under this transit or will be soon. Jupiter is BIG. Jupiter is the FUTURE. Jupiter is the preacher teacher boaster roaster juggler jack of all trades entertainer storyteller funny man can’t-catch-me lucky duck.

Y’all know I love my dry-erase board. I think I will write some new words down tonight on said board. Write down one thing you want IN BIG LETTERS.

Are you too scared to even think about this? Because you feel you’ll never get it? Are you too scared to try? Too scared to imagine something different? Not sure what you want?

Tell yourself a new story.

Love, MP

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