Jupiter Questions + Jupiter Enters VIRGO Next Week

"venus square saturn"Have you been taking stock? What did Jupiter in Leo mean for you?
What house was it in?
What happened to you this “Jupiter year”?
What other transits were affecting you?

Take the BIG VIEW.
Where are you in your life? Stand there. Look around.
Where have you been; where are you going?
And what house is Jupiter going into for you?
What are you looking forward to?

From my Facebook:

I admit I’m a little bit obsessed with Jupiter in Virgo–
which is why I wanted to talk to clients about this transit, make a party of it 🙂
Jupiter usually knows where the good time is–
Jupiter is big picture, philosophical, expansive, the broad view, YOUR LIFE STORY…

And Jupiter is BIG. Supersize. Wild.
And Virgo is small, in miniature. Not so wild. Not Jupiter wild.
Jupiter is NOT practical, my friends.
Jupiter is not detail-oriented and cleaning up the mess. Jupiter makes the mess.
Virgo comes along with the broom.
So you may say Jupiter is uncomfortable or unhappy in Virgo but I beg to differ —
for many of us LONG FOR this year long emphasis on being of service, good deeds, health, smooth functioning,
and the little things in life. God in the details.

Don’t think of this transit as squeezing big Jupiter into a Virgo sized box but instead of applying Jupiterean faith and hope to your Virgo parts. We all have Virgo parts, somewhere in our chart.

Jupiter may not stick around forever. In fact, he’s not. Jupiter spends about a year in a sign. And this guest may overwhelm you at times. Embarrassment of riches, too many opportunities, some of them foolish.

My advice is to set a place for him. And a bib. Jupiter is going to blow up your routine, my friends, in the Virgo part of you.


My August Special is a JUPITER special – you and me talking about the Jupiter in Virgo transit and what it means for you + September eclipse talk + Jupiter in Virgo Celtic Cross. Write me for additional details. No Email Readings with these.