Jupiter Opposes Chiron And Makes A Face

"jupiter opposition chiron" Jupiter opposes Chiron today (it’s exact) and I’m thinking to myself:

what interesting thing can I say about this.

Jupiter expands what it touches yes yes yes and Chiron is the Wounded Healer and Jupiter is in Virgo (health, routine, give ’til it hurts) and Chiron is in Pisces (no boundaries, no routine, give ’til it hurts) and I am looking around my apartment and seeing how damn badly I need to sweep. I see dust. I see crumbs. Bad Virgo Moon bad,


I am looking for a roommate — or a new place to move entirely — NY or NJ (or near) so if you know anything do email me moonpluto@gmail but back to the astrology… 

Today you may slide between these two extremes:

Jupiter’s everything’s gonna be okay vs. Chiron I’m not so sure!

And frankly Jupiter in Virgo isn’t so sure either. Virgo tends to doubt, to make a face BUT I think you’re at the “automatic pilot” point today with whatever you’ve been doing. It’s working.

Thursday: exact Sun Pluto sextile. Friday: Mercury Neptune trine. HEY this is my chart! I have both these in my natal. Venus enters Libra on Sunday. Virgo/Libra Moon weekend.

I wanted to say it’s easy, easy goes it, until I noticed all the crappy Libra Moon aspects on Sunday (Moon square Pluto, opposing Uranus, inconjunct Chiron) thus Saturday is BETTER for whatever. Friday is good too. Mostly harmonious Virgo Moon including a Moon Jupiter conjunction.

But about Sun Pluto and Mercury Neptune:

If you are feeling like you want to return this life for a better one, a different one, don’t give up yet. Mercury Neptune is hopeful (yes I am aware hope can be painful) but Sun Pluto gets it done, every time. Pluto is power. The Sun is YOU. Put a little effort in, under the Virgo Moon and dream deep under Mercury Neptune. Write (Mercury) it down. Envision (Neptune) it.

I talk to clients all the time who feel it’s the end for them. This feeling is universal, no matter the age and experience so it seems. The 26 year old who feels she’ll never find love. The 65 year old with health concerns. Or vice versa.

If you don’t seem to have what you most dearly want, I’m not telling you to abandon trying but DO examine what you DO have and how you can make that bigger (Jupiter). Explore (Jupiter) your purpose (Jupiter). This is another use for the Jupiter Chiron opposition — to find meaning (Jupiter) in your pain (Chiron).


Details about the Astrology class coming up!