Jupiter Joy? New Moon In Sagittarius December 13th

"new moon in sagittarius"I know a lot of people just surviving.

Their dreams didn’t come true (yet). Or they’re out of work. Or they’re going through a divorce. Or they’re lonely. Or they’ve given up.

And some don’t think about life at all. Ah the miracles of medication, recreational and otherwise.

I don’t drug up and not that I’m judging those who do (really!) but I feel everything.

However: tomorrow I’m going to my second acupuncture appointment, to help me with some chronic health problems, and for about 6 hours after (not during, but after) I’ll be in bliss, as though bliss was a place. All mine.

Setting New Moon intentions can be a painful exercise because you can get to a point in life where you stop having faith but that’s the magic of Sagittarius, to believe again, even if hoping (not even believing) makes you cry.

Jupiter rules overflow. Jupiter rules faith. Do you have to have faith to get what’s coming to you? No. But in order to SEE it, with your own eyes, you do. To get the girl, to find work you love, to make art your life, to be, mostly, happy.

Where does 21 degrees Sagittarius fall in your chart? 



Here’s a link to my Astrology and Tarot Readings page and yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Sagittarius

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