Jupiter Is Where You Feel Good

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
do you feel lucky?

What are you learning these days? That’s where transiting Jupiter is in your chart.

How are you growing, expanding? That’s also where Jupiter is in your chart. Maybe you’re even becoming more optimistic, positive in areas of life you previously thought were dead. Maybe you’re seeing the Bigger Picture. And maybe, just maybe, you are even — gasp– happier! Transiting Jupiter is in my 9th House and I am actually thinking about travelling, something I NEVER want to do. And I think it may happen when Jupiter goes direct.

So where is transiting Jupiter in your chart? Can you find it? And if not in your chart, then in your heart. Can you touch it? And if you can touch your heart, can you feel it? Jupiter is where you feel good.

I’m doing a lot of readings these days and I was on the subway and thought to myself: what am I leaning? And I didn’t mean “what am I learning about astrology.” I meant it in a broader, more EXPANSIVE Jupiterean way of course. And I didn’t know the answer. Not yet… except that there is pain and struggle in the world, and there is hope. But I knew that anyway.

Jupiter is where you feel good. Think about it. Ponder your natal placement and your transiting and see if I am right. Or prove me wrong 😉 Jupiter doesn’t mind.

Where are you feeling good these days?

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