Jupiter is This Week’s God: Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

I hope you are enjoying the eclipse season so far 🙂 I wish you only good news, good revelation, and that any difficulty is smoothly resolved.

In the Jewish tradition, there’s a prayer, a plea, a blessing for just about everything. Before eating, after eating, upon waking, before sleep… There’s always a way to give thanks, or to cry out. And I swear, the Jewish God must be a Virgo because he’s so f***ing particular 😉

Why am I talking about God in an astrology blog? I don’t care what you call him/her/them/it/whatever. Just know that you aren’t alone. That there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius this week is not news. And yet it is. Look in your natal chart for your Sagittarius house. Do you have planets there? Check the degrees. Notice what opposes. Notice what squares. Notice the sextiles and trines for any incoming ease. Take notes. Take notes on your notes. This is your life! Don’t you want to… be there for it? (Virgo Moons love to take notes.)

Eclipse energy isn’t just a day or a week. We’re talking six months to a year. An energy pattern. An energy pattern where events will occur.

With the eclipse in my 4th house of home, I won’t be surprised if I move this year. With squares to my Moon Pluto conjunction, it will be emotional but with a trine to my Venus, it’s a love-move, a move for love. With a sextile to my natal Jupiter? There’s buoyancy in the midst of any… change.  My natal Jupiter is in my 2nd house. Money concerns. Transiting Jupiter in my 9th. Where will I land? You can apply this kind of thinking to your own chart.

Sagittarius is a positive sign. Masculine, roaming, adventuring, broadcasting fire! Because it’s a Full Moon, expect some big emotions but look for those big emotions to curve up, like the big Sadge smile you know and love.

Note to self: I’m running out of notes…

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