Jupiter in Virgo: The Transit of the Witch

"venus square saturn"So I noticed something today — kind of obvious — but it’s only in the last few days that I’ve realized OMG OKAY NEXT WEEK OMG OKAY NEXT WEEK OMG OKAY next week Jupiter enters Virgo. 

Why does this transit matter so much to me?

Because the last year was shit. I mean, the last JUPITER year — Jupiter in Leo. In my 12th House. There was much 12th House learning going on but… it was a very hard year and planets moving from the 12th to the 1st is a rebirth. Out of the shadows.

There were other hard transits too (hi Uranus Pluto square) and other hard life events. I’m happy to say goodbye to it all. Close the book.

In the words of Sia:

Place your past into a book, but the pages, let ’em cook


"jupiter in virgo" Virgo is Mercury ruled (Mercury rules hands) and thus good with her/his hands and keyword CRAFTSMAN (or woman) came up in some of my reading this morning and then it all made sense.

I think of the witch doing her (or his) thing — whether or not you are a potion-making witch or a candle-burning witch or spell-crafting, remedy-cooking, ritual in nature witch, whatever form of natural (or ceremonial) magick you perform… THERE IS ORDER TO IT. Maybe your rules. Maybe the rules of your coven or tradition or witch or magician you admire or desire. There is some kind of ORDER that you are fond of, that you LOVE.

Thus I proclaim Jupiter in Virgo THE witch’s transit. And here us Virgo Risings thought we were going to lose some of our magick with Jupiter leaving the spooky confines of the 12th. Au contraire, my friend!  You may even become more OPEN about it.

And you know what else? Jupiter in Leo was about YOU. Jupiter in Virgo is not about you. Well, those having Jupiter in their 1st House, this is more of a YOU transit but otherwise?

You, all of you, are about to be CALLED. Called to service. Jupiter in Virgo is the humble leader, the Preacher of Small Things. Virgo helps. I wouldn’t say it’s an ego crushing transit but for those who need perhaps a bit of humbling it may feel unfamiliar 😉

"jupiter in virgo" Hmm it’s going to get VERY interesting for the Virgoan and non-Virgoan types out there. Witches love their brooms. They love to shift energy. But put this same broom in the hands of a non-Virgoan whose life has become a mess……

I shall say no more for the moment.

Except that yes there will be a test and grades will be given. 


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