Jupiter In The Natal Chart: The Grace You Need

"jupiter in the 12th house"

I have a friend who bemoans his natal Jupiter in the 12th House.

I remind him that the “textbooks” call it the Guardian Angel position. Protection!

Or maybe what he bemoans is that it’s in Gemini. But to me Jupiter in Gemini can mean that information overload is a GOOD thing. And he does love his information, media, television, news, all of it. Whereas I get overwhelmed by all that, he seems to, possibly, need it. Or thrive with it. His ideal monastery, if there is such a thing, would have a monk-cam.

Thinking about his Jupiter though made me think about Jupiter in general and this idea of “being protected” because when we talk about Jupiter we often talk about expansion, growth, higher mind, higher philosophy and less about… the spiritual ramifications of… safety, protection.

Jupiter rules faith.

So think about it this way: wherever you have your natal Jupiter is where you will experience some protection from… the elements? From bad guys? From bad luck?

You will experience grace. THE GRACE YOU NEED.

The house, the sign, the aspects tell more of the story.

Every day I am learning more and more about my own natal Jupiter and partly through a Saturn transit: Saturn rolling over my natal Jupiter AND transiting Jupiter rolling over my natal Saturn.

The limit vs. the limitless. The teacher vs… the teacher.


Interesting too…  Saturn presents a boundary and a boundary is, also, protection. Like a railing that keeps you from falling into… the limitless.

Are you having a Jupiter transit? 


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