Jupiter in Taurus Will Make You Fat

Got your attention? Taurus loves food, and Jupiter loves… large. My jolly Jupiterean boyfriend has a heart as big as his… positive attitude! So what will Jupiter in Taurus bring him? Will it slow him down? Steady him? Money him? Will he start getting man-icures? Remember, Taurus is Venus is money is beauty! And Jupiter is big, the largest planet in the solar system. What people don’t often mention though is how bright he is.

Some Jupiter keywords include: luck, expansion, laws, God, higher education, opportunity, philosophy, teaching, publishing, indulgent, not detail-oriented, and… being a bad judge of character because… they so often see the bright side! And they smile a lot. While seeing the bright side:)

Now let’s think about this for a moment. Big loyalty. Big beauty. Big food. Big sweetness. Big earth. Big coveting. Big eyes. You know the eyes I mean? Those Taurus eyes? Big love. Big STUFF. Taurus LOVES their stuff. I feel good about Jupiter in Taurus and not just because at 1 degree of Taurus, he’s parked himself on my natal  Hera/Juno, the faithful, yet vengeful, wife. Tee hee.

Fire gets inspired, flies high. So what happens when fire, Sagittarius (Jupiter) meets earth, Taurus? A controlled fire, like a fireplace. A home for the inspiration. Dedication to the ideal. Cozy, right? Hot!

Okay, friends, check your chart! Where’s your Taurus house? Jupiter will gallop through there, laughing, storytelling, making it all a bit brighter. And no, Jupiter in Taurus won’t really make you fat unless you… Never mind.

My question for you: how many bulls does it take to…

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