Jupiter In Libra Astrology Reading & How This Transit Will Affect You ($75)

What is the Jupiter in Libra reading that I am offering this August only?

It is a deep look at the new (staring September) Jupiter in Libra transit and how it will particularly affect YOUR chart which means how it will affect **you**

We of course will look at your natal Jupiter.
We will look at the house of your chart that Jupiter rules.
These details want our attention when a planet changes signs!

We will see how Jupiter in Libra will function in your chart: helpful? challenging?
Yes Jupiter hard aspects can bring challenge too.

We will (if you want) draw Tarot cards as well. You know I love to combine!

I also hope to include your natal Goddess Asteroids in this analysis for you – Vesta, Juno, Athena, Ceres.

I know we can’t do it all so will have to pick and choose the priority topics and I’m happy to answer your questions about this transit as well.

This Reading cannot be substituted for any other previously bought (i.e. if you have time in the bank with me).

It is a 60 minute reading by Phone or Skype call or FB Messenger.

It is $75. My usual hour-long is $115 so that’s what makes this “special” besides the topic focus.

I am scheduling these now so get in touch. August will be busy!

If you want a Reading focused on other topics, I do have regular 30 min or 60 min or Reading Bundles available at my regular rates.

PS Jupiter will square Pluto and oppose Uranus while in Libra. And if that ain’t reason enough… 😉 

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