Jupiter In Gemini: Your Hope Is Multiplied

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Jupiter rules hope and Gemini is the multi-tasking Twins and I was thinking about hope while fiddling with my dry-erase board (see here for my introduction to the power of the Dry Erase!).

Wondering if we need to abandon hope (as Pema Chodron may suggest) or embrace hope. In order to move forward. In order to… find something of value. Life purpose, meaning. Because otherwise, get the rope.

Hope rope


What is the goal I write to myself on my Dry Erase. What is the guidance? What am I not seeing yet? What am I not hearing? I AM LISTENING. 

Lately I keep getting the same answer. I like the answer and honestly? I don’t totally doubt it. I don’t know the way there but, honey, I Don’t Totally Doubt It.

Saturn rules doubt and I have a feeling that Jupiter in Gemini, no matter what house he’s in, no matter what he aspects in your chart, he is going to wipe the lino with Saturn doubt and fear and grey hair.


Pair hope with  “listening.” You can hope blindly but that’s only half of it. Pair hope with paying attention. Get your Dry Erase or use some other technique. I realize that writing things down like this, NOT in a diary, but so that I can see them… it’s just better. Pair that with meditation and prayer or whatever works for you so that you can hear better what you are supposed to be doing.


I have my period. Yes, folks, it’s come to that. That kind of sharing on my blog 🙂 And yesterday when I went to the store to buy cat food and toilet paper (my glamorous life!) I stopped in the Expensive Chocolate Bar aisle and I’m not the type of person to buy more than one sweet thing at once. Usually. Fear that I’ll eat it all. At once. But I couldn’t decide. The Virgo part of me kept shouting: YOU MUST GET DARK CHOCOLATE THAT’S THE HEALTHY CHOCOLATE IF YOU DON’T GET DARK CHOCOLATE YOU’LL GET FAT AND DIE (lol).

And then my Cancer side (or perhaps my Guardian Angels ;)) kept pushing me towards the hmmm milk chocolate with hazelnuts.

Reader, I could not decide.

So I got both.

Yes. I bought two chocolate bars. Last hurrahs of Jupiter in Taurus (oooh with Jupiter in Gemini I’m going to be buying gadgets and gizmos I guess).

One of the bars I have already consumed. Finished it this morning. Ate it throughout the day yesterday, square by square. Delicious. Very sweet. Perfect.


Why not set an intention for Jupiter in Gemini. That you will double your hope, double your belief, broaden your perspective, be multi-layered in your approach to your happiness machine.

You will have options. You will have chocolate. You will have hope. More than before.

Love, MP

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