Jupiter In Gemini Retrograde! October 4th

"full moon in aries"There is magic in the world. How will you expand yours? Your magic. Your world. Where is transiting Jupiter in your chart?

Jupiter goes retrograde next month in the sign of Gemini and I’ve been telling my magical companions to… not think of it as reversal but as review 🙂

And I think it comes at the PERFECT time. Just a little after the Autumn Equinox. Days getting shorter in the Big City. You are harvesting. You are pondering the past year, the summer, the Saturn in Libra cycle, and what Jupiter in Gemini has meant for you so far.

Let Jupiter in Gemini be about choices 🙂 many choices, yes. Jupiter retrograde will show them all to you 🙂

And then from that beautiful array, like a fan of Tarot cards or fall leaves or your possible futures, you pick one.

Love, MP


Info about Astrology and Tarot Readings is here. And yes the Mini-Moons are back for the Full Moon in Aries!

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