Jupiter in Gemini: Many Arms

"jupiter in gemini"Are you finding it hard to focus? Go ahead. Blame Jupiter in Gemini.

It could be why you feel so scattered. Energy here, energy there, thoughts here, thoughts there, hope here. Hope there.

And I still recall Venus’ extended stay in Gemini due to her retrograde. Venus has moved on, through Cancer and now in Leo but… that story, and the Pluto Uranus square story and the Jupiter in Gemini story…

Let’s just say your life is not about one thing anymore, if it ever was, and this year you shall expand in previously unimagined ways: in your capacity to love, to commit, to build, to teach and learn, to make money, to grow in health, to grow in fineness, in mystical truth. Wherever Jupiter is transiting your chart is where you should NOT hate yourself for lack of focus. Focus has many arms now.

And here’s a bonus. Asteroid Vesta is also transiting Gemini. Vesta is associated with concentration and devotion so… even though it seems like you can’t sit still, can’t make up your mind, can’t DECIDE, know that can, you will, YOU ARE.

Consider it a mystery how this is working in your life and prepare for revelation. How? Make a space for it. It’s the Magician and the High Priestess combined: doing and non-doing.

With Jupiter in Gemini you’re trying stuff out, EXPERIMENTING. By the time Jupiter enters Cancer? You’ll know. You’ll be home.

Love, MP


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