Jupiter In Cancer: Happy In Your Shell

Do not underestimate Cancer’s extreme need, Cancer’s requirement to feel safe, before getting anything done — and this can mean work, sex, love, any challenge, ANYTHING. Even going to the store. Simple things. A mood swing can send Cancer back to bed. And I am thinking of Cancer Sun or Moon here.

Cancer can’t be forced, pushed cajoled, not even coaxed. Cancer arrives right on time, on her or his OWN time and no one else’s. Dear Human trying to convince Cancer: MEET THE SHELL.

It’s not that Cancer is stubborn like Taurus is stubborn – for example: if you are dealing with an annoying customer service person or you need to convince someone of something like your landlord to come fix the doorknob – get a Taurus to help you because they will dig in and stonewall and they will keep on asking questions and apply other techniques and work to prevent what they want from slipping away.

Cancer is different. They aren’t thinking about YOU, what they can get from YOU. They are busy with their inner world and questions of: is it safe to come out and play? Is it safe to kiss this person? Is it safe to take this job? Is it safe to wear the purple socks? No? OH NO! Yes? AHHHH YES.

Jupiter in Cancer = this need for safety grows in us. We become more protective of ourselves and our family (however you define that). More sensitive but also more afraid. We will KNOW quite clearly what feels dangerous to us and what feels like a cozy kitty cat on the bed, a lovely cup of tea, and a stash of cash in the bank. Cancer (unless painfully afflicted in one way or another) saves for a rainy day, even a humble dollar.

Enter Uranus and Pluto.Β We (Cancers in general and all of us during Jupiter in Cancer) WILL feel threatened (thanks Pluto!). We will feel on edge (thanks Uranus).

One of the keys I think is to remember that Jupiter is luck and Jupiter is opportunity and Cancer is FAMILY. Time to restablish/restablish YOURS to your liking. Make contact with those you left behind or cut off. Who is in your circle? Who do you want in it? Who has got to go? Are you moving? Are you baby-minded? Who are you nurturing? Does it include you? Or everyone except you? WHO DO YOU CLING TO? Who sustains you? And who are you protecting.

So many questions, so little time πŸ™‚

Love, MP


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