Jupiter In Cancer: Going Home

I have to quote Diana Ross: “Do you know where you’re going to?”

This is my Jupiter in Cancer meandering for the day:

Sagittarius, they say, needs room to roam, travel, adventure so… Jupiter in Cancer, for many of us, could mean an expansion of home, of family, of land, location, country but also (an expansion of) our idea of what these things are, what they mean — without any outward changes.

Jupiter (Sagittarius) is calm in Cancer not frantic (as in Gemini) but Sagittarius loves to philosophize and prophesize and preach. You will be thinking/pondering/pontificating about home (Cancer), where you want to live, with who, and why.

Also Jupiter in Cancer is the transit of pregnancy: babies babies, real and metaphorical. And breasts. How you get fed. Who you feed. Who feeds you. What you want to eat and drink everyday i.e. SUSTENANCE.

I want THIS and not that. Cancer, above all, has preferences. “I don’t feel like it,” says Cancer. “Just because,” says Cancer. “I can’t tell you why. It’s just a feeling.”


I’ve got a house guest and I’ve started showing him around the Big City, pointing out Uptown vs. Downtown. Manhattan vs. Brooklyn. East vs. West. And the joys of careful jaywalking. I only wish the weather were better, cooler. We melt in it.

Other Jupiter in Cancer key phrases coming to mind: leaving home, going home, discovering roots, understanding maps in languages foreign to you, guides who only have in mind your getting lost, and that a Sagittarius or Jupiter person learning the underground maze of NYC subway tunnels and tricks is a fine way to spend a Thursday afternoon.


I know, I know, I’m biased. I have my Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer. Supposedly I live my life sideways, indirectly (scuttling across the floors of silent seas wrote T.S., North Node in Cancer) and Jupiter transiting my sign is going to… blow that shit up 🙂

You thought you knew your nature, Cancers? Think again! You’re going to get BIG. Jupiter is the sweet puppy of good news come to hug you, kiss you, squeeze you, lick your face, and love you, love you, love you. Ready?

What are your thoughts on Jupiter in Cancer? 

Love, MP


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