Jupiter Goes Retrograde: More Magic

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BIG NEWS: JUPITER GOES RETROGRADE December 8th at 22 degrees. 

Do we need this break? Do we need a break from the Expansion of… our minds and hearts and wherever Jupiter is transiting for you?

I often think of retrograde planets like reversed Tarot cards.

I’ve been consulting many of my Tarot sources during the Court Card class and I get fascinated by the twists and turns of reversed meanings.

Example: how the Queen of Pentacles upright is healthy and health conscious. Reversed she may have digestive troubles or allergies. She may be “slovenly” (to borrow a word from Mary K. Greer) rather than the ultimate hearth and home caretaker. But then Greer also uses the phrase KITCHEN MAGIC for the reversed Queen of Pents.

Reversed cards, reversed planets can mean… NOT that we do the opposite energy — for example: Jupiter retrograde as closed-minded, intolerant, or more practical, like a Gemini.

"jupiter retrograde in leo" Instead Jupiter retrograde by transit may mean MORE prophecy and psychic ability for you. More Seer. More magic.

Any direct/upright planet is mundane. Daily life. The usual. Even if that usual is whack. No one would ever accuse of Uranus and Pluto of being boring!! And maybe YOUR life is filled with magic and wonder and spirit every day of the week but for those with stricter boundaries…. a reversed card or planet can be a signal to… connect more deeply. It’s the difference between “just cooking dinner” and making kitchen magic.

Sometimes your reversed Queen of Pentacles IS depressed and neglecting her needs. Other times she’s got a secret life, she’s a little witch.

Jupiter going retrograde does not lessen your light, does not lessen the light of the world, not at all. Instead what it will do is create The Great Fire within you. 

What will you do with it? It’s your torch. You can do anything you want with it. Light up any corridor. Your heart is a flame.

Jupiter and Sagittarius often do not see what is right in front of their faces — but Jupiter retrograde forces us to see…. not only what is truly there but also the light around it.


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