Jupiter Conjunct Mercury (By Transit): The Big Questions

"five of wands tarot card meaning" Why do I read so much? Because I am looking for answers.

Another Tarot book comes in the mail. This one I bought on ebay. Cheaper. And then I remember a book I have on Kindle but would love to have a paperback. One for home, one for the train.

And when I see one of those “scary” cards? That’s when I go digging the most. Because I need meaning(s) like petals surrounding a flower. Each one is necessary to… protect the truth? No. Not protect it. But to reveal it.

I love having two blogs. At first I wondered what the point was (other than more exposure). But I see my Belief net blog is in constant conversation with this one. Having the other blog makes me focus more deeply and in a more structured way about Tarot. And now I’m creating new Tarot spreads that I post here. Always seeking, always searching.

I have this one question in my life that I’m obsessed with. Actually more than one but perhaps this one is the most pressing. Still haven’t found a satisfying answer. And today I asked myself again: why? What is the answer here? WHY?

And I pull three cards – 8 of Wands, Five of Wands, The Fool. It’s a really interesting spread because this rendition of the Five shows a man on a boat and he’s rushing across the water. The answer is clear. It had to be this way BECAUSE. Because of the future. Because I would not be able to meet my future otherwise.

I take a picture of the card for this post and I notice the castle in the background. The castle is what’s stable. Like a tree. It’s not what’s moving. It’s solid in the distance. Not so exciting. It’s someone’s home. But this man is in a hurry to go. You can tell by his windswept hair. This journey is alive, so many signs of life: look at the leaves on the Wands, his red cape and sleeves. Is he motoring towards the castle? Or away? Or maybe he was never really there at all. Maybe he was just passing through.

What cards are you seeing? 

Love, MP

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