July 29, 2013: The Star

So I’m getting over being sick. Hopefully I’m in that part of it. Getting over. Still a few days I think before I’ll be back to work and maybe a week (my guess) or so before back to normal-normal. Yesterday though I had dropped by the message board and someone was mentioning astrologers talking about 7/29/13 (or not talking about it) and there being a 6-pointed star in the heavens.

Now I’ll go into further detail about this later on but I just wanted to mention this one thing before I head back to resting: that this date involves the same degree (and thereabouts) as our recent Full Moon in Cancer SO the story you are living now? You will see it again, but developed by the end of July 2013. So think think think think think what’s happening now? Even little seedlings… By then? You may see orchards.

I only looked at the chart once last night so this is a memory recall: Jupiter and Mars conjunct in Cancer. Opposing Pluto. Uranus squaring. But then Saturn in Scorpio supporting the Cancer planets and Venus in Virgo as well. I know there’s more. Forgive me for not giving the whole scoop at the moment….

I just wanted you take note of this while the Full Moon is fresh in your mind…


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