Jacob’s Ladder And Today’s Moon In Virgo

"new moon in capricorn 2011"
Nick Cave has Moon in Virgo!

I’ve been thinking about ways to increase my intuition. I want to get better at what I do. Always wanting to improve, thinks (my) Virgo Moon. Get obsessed with it, thinks my Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto.

And on the subway the other day I had an image in my mind of Jacob’s ladder which is actually from a dream he had (yes I’m talking Torah here a.k.a. Old Testament) of angels going up and down the ladder and I haven’t reviewed my Genesis yet, I just have this image in my mind that this visualization is one I will return to– receiving help from above, creating a circuit, receiving, grounding, dispersing. Creating a meditation.

This links back to the Tarot and Depression post I wrote earlier today about the High Priestess and receptivity, passivity.

Right now the transiting Moon is sitting between my Moon and Pluto: three’s a crowd, buddy! And the Moon is squaring the Sun in Sagittarius. More grumbling. Virgo Moon wants to count calories and Sagittarius Sun wants to count the number of unholy deeds done (Just kidding Saggies!)

The Moon trines Venus though (an easy pleasant energy) so be nice to your Momma, your girlfriend, your cat, the cashier at the bodega, and anyone else with two hots and a cot and you know what I’m sayin’.


And one other thing: this Saturn Neptune trine we’re all under? Goes like this: got the bricks? Got the vision? Now go build. Libra: don’t do it alone. Aquarius: be yourself! Neptune is heading for Pisces so go swim in this trine now.

Are you up the ladder? Or down the ladder? Trick question!

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