It’s Okay To Tip Me + Helping The Gemini Risings

"sun pluto opposition"
(Painting by Tina Palmer)

Thank you to the blog reader who sent me a tip today.

It is humbly appreciated. True, I never put the donate button back on my blog, my little pot o gold widget.

But you are more than welcome to share your appreciation: 

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Let’s talk about this week:
Stern warning. Caution machine. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: be careful. A friend of mine is fine but was hit by a biker this morning. I dropped my glasses in the midst of a crowd of people but they weren’t stepped on and neither was I.

I know the glasses thing may seem small but it would have been a PITA – and an expense. It was “an accident.”

Saying it again: Mars Pluto = temper, anger, rage, accidents. And Uranus isn’t that far away from making this a t-square. People will be pissed. Keep your cool. Try to. The aspect is an OPPOSITION. People coming at you. Outsourcing your anger and blaming others and in turn this makes THEM mad. High blood pressure. Mars rules blood.


"new moon in cancer"
Notes From the field:

I like helping the Gemini Risings sort through their options. The Gemini Risings always have options, always have ideas, always have sorting to do. Which idea is worth pursuing and which is for LATER or NEVER. They are EXCITED in their minds. Oh look a tree! I was with a Gemini yesterday. Oh look! Oh look! Look at that! (They really DO do this!). And then they wander off looking at more of what there is to look at. They ask me 10 Tarot questions at once. Today I took off my headphones and put them on my lap so I could be alone with each question. Not complaining. I love Gemini quick mind but my Virgo Rising makes an adjustment. Turns down the speed.

A Gemini Rising client of mine with Sun Mercury Mars moving through her SECOND HOUSE and she needs to beef up her income. PERFECT I told her. Go (Mars) after it. DO IT. She had no shortage of ideas, some better than others. Some more practical than others. We asked the Oracle about each one. This morning I read something amazing about the Wheel of Fortune in Rachel Pollack about the center of the Wheel — that it is your stability (your core).

SO, keep in mind the center of your inner wheel when you have more ideas than time. All those ideas you have are the spokes on the wheel and they spin, making you dizzy. We can’t really stop the wheel. The wheel is our life. But we can slow it down. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. This is really hard. This is really essential. This is really forgotten. This is really HOW ON EARTH DO YOU DECIDE WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU DO NOT CONNECT TO YOUR ESSENCE? What is that? What kind of decision is that?

"mars opposition pluto" New Moon in Cancer this week, same day as the exact Mars Pluto opposition.

I was on the train and thinking about Things To Make Your Life Easier and the first item on my list was:

1. take the alternate route.

And by “easier” I think I mean “less horrifying.” (Yes some of us actually are horrified to be here. Our name got called. We had no choice. Maybe we were on the “alternate” list and someone was sick that day.)

On New Moons we contemplate our desire. What do you want in the Cancer area of your chart? What’s missing there? What belongs? Imagine it there. Put it there. Put it back. Birth it. Yeah, Cancer is MOM. Birth it. The Gemini I was with yesterday… I gave her a reading about her relationship and she turned to me when we were done and said: you would make a really good mom. I’m happy to have more sweet people in my life. I’m glad my Jupiter 12th transit is coming to an end. Kinda feels like… restocking the shelves. Restocking the stock. Tossing in the trash what has been mean and rotten to the CORE. Your inner wheel knows this truth too.

I recommend taking an alternate route with your New Moon magick. And if you can’t find what that is then go for a walk. That’s #2 on my list.

Cancer is my 11th House. The Dream. I do not currently have a dream. I used to. They have washed out. I pictured someone passed out on the beach and surf washing over them, her, over and over and over. I’m more concerned with practicality these days. The dreams died. They all died. I should make a little graveyard.  Dig for when I was a poet. Dig for when I was a playwright. Dig for the dead relationships. Here lies, here lies, here lies. I miss having a dream, a desire, a passion. One of my psychic friends told me IT WILL COME BACK but I don’t know. I’ll keep you updated.



I am doing a Summer Special this July (not sure what I will do for August!).
60 minutes = $65

And we can talk about whatever you want but Transits + Tarot is one option.

I put a link to this on my PayPal form so you can order through the site.
Phone/Skype or Messenger. No Email Readings with this.

One chart only (two charts okay IF I’ve seen the second chart before.)
No new synastry readings. If you want Synastry with new charts, those are usual price.)

You can give these as gifts. You can buy them in bulk 🙂 it’s pretty awesome.

I decided to do this because I listen to my gut — telling me that there were some people I needed to make contact with (for the first time or again) and this would help bring it.

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