It’s Not Mercury Retrograde But…

With the Sun in Aquarius and Mercury and Mars in Aquarius and the Moon in Gemini and Jupiter in Gemini, we’re not so stable today 🙂

A strong wind could blow us away. Or maybe we are the wind. Inspiration. Flight. Bright ideas and intuition. The Future. Are you getting signs? Symbols? Everything that happens to you is you in conversation with the Divine. Directly. Believe it.

I’m an “embedded” New York City blogger this morning and what I mean is that I’m typing to you from a diner on the West side and I just had my breakfast, still coffee to finish, and looking at the stars for us. Suddenly the smell of hot sauce (do you put hot sauce on your eggs?).

Venus is in Capricorn and thus love is the boss of you no matter where your mind is roaming. What do you love? Who do you love? Are you in love?

Early degree Libra people benefit from this sky, receiving trines from Aquarius and Gemini and fire charts do well as well. Water and Earth are out of their element for the most part but I am wondering if you are seeing your Venus in Capricorn drama resolve at all. The calm after the storm.

If you are shorting or outaging due the higher frequency vibration which is passing for life this morning, know you are not alone. I’m feeling it too and not sure the Moon in Cancer (a couple days from now) will bring much relief. Instead it could feel like crying to a computer. The computer will not hold you no matter how much you whine. I didn’t mean to make a metaphor for cyber-relationships but I realize it fits….

There may be material upsets. Your body may not fall in line like usual. You may have a headache. There could be overwhelm of information and communication. You may try to root yourself and fall over. With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter in air signs and Uranus in fire, you can think yourself to death or you can breathe.

Using the WordPress app for ipad for the first time so let’s see how this posts 🙂

Tell us in the comments how your day is going…

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