It’s All About The Body: Virgo Magic

"new moon in virgo"
Virgo Magic! Ta-da!

So cool! And I don’t just mean today’s temperature, which is deliciously cool and a preview of fall, my favorite season for weather. A reader wrote in to say that she read one of my Virgo posts to a group of women she meets with on the New and Full moons. How awesome is that?

I’m having an easy Hurricane Irene aftermath. Even the subways are supposedly up and running. Didn’t lose power or water so nothing to recover. Hope it stays that way. The thing I’m worried about now is my rent being late but shhh don’t tell you-know-how about that. The money I spent on radio, batteries, bunches of supplies, well… Okay let’s change the subject! Avoid avoid avoid! However if you do enjoy my blog, feel free to visit The Astrologer’s Tip Jar on the front page, right side bar. A couple readers have done this already and by doing so, they won my eternal gratitude and blessings. And if you feel the need for a reading, do make contact! Email is easier to schedule than phone and sometimes I work with people over a couple days, leave room for them to ask questions, etc. See my Contact Me page. Some folks left impromptu testimonials there ๐Ÿ™‚

Otherwise? In other news? The Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto are still all tangled up together, in a good way, Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. They are not all at the same degree and some are closer than others but it’s as though they pull each other in and it’s as though the Grand Trine is literally moving. Know what I mean? It’s wiggling, shimmering, shining. I see it. It comes into focus and then dims a little and then is back. Flickering lights. You’ll feel it stronger at night when you look up at the stars. That’s when you’ll really feel it. It’s an earth trine so it’s about manifestation, making things happen. And all this earth is just more… relaxing.

So look in your chart for any planets or points (include your Nodes) in earth signs in the early degrees, say from 4-10 degrees. Notice the houses affected, that’s the area of life you’ll feel it, to start. Notice any water signs in the same degrees. Those are sextiles from the earth. If you want to look at the tensiony news, go ahead ๐Ÿ˜‰ Go piece by piece, looking for squares and oppositions. If you don’t know how to do this, I can help you, as long as we each have a wheel in front of us.

Okay guys, gals, readers, star gazers, lovers, dreamers, rock and roll stars, coffee achievers… I’m heading out soon, going on the road.

PS The Moon is still in Virgo. Keep in mind the idea of… Virgo Magic. A little household hocus pocus. How can you bring light and peace to your household? Use your Mercury, which rules your Virgo. Use your wise mind. And when you get stuck? Let the Pisces opposition take over. It’s the marriage of thinking and dreaming. Do both today for the Virgo Moon. Create balance. Imagine the seesaw as a broom. What will you sweep away? What will you bring in? Set your intention not just for this Moon cycle but for the fall. Don’t you feel it? I do. It smells like apples. All this earth is trining or will trine Mars in Cancer. Home, hearth, cook, eat, comfort, support. This is the energy out there that you can bring in here, in you. Mars in Cancer wants you to eat it! Sun, Moon, and Venus want you to digest, process, it! With so much earth (and water)? It’s all about the body.

See y’all later!

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