It’s A Scorpio World!

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
new moon in scorpio

So the world is a Scorpio world now! Not just Mercury and Venus, who were there first, but the Sun too, and today’s New Moon in Scorpio!

How do you work with this energy? 

Find the Scorpio House in your natal wheel. That’s where the energy is marching through. Or slithering through or swimming through. Do you have planets in Scorpio? Or in Taurus? Those houses are most affected. And if you have planets in Leo or Aquarius, those signs square Scorpio, and are also affected. And you can also look for trines, sextiles, the “softer” aspects. Try it!

I encourage you to go deep in whatever you do now. You probably already are. Listening to the walls, watching for signs. Do you feel more quiet or introspective than usual? Maybe even a little… paranoid?

The other day I suggested this meditation to try.

And even though this time of year feels… solid to me, like a tree growing in water, remember that Pluto rules Scorpio so it’s still a time of change, but deep change. Change you can count on 😉

Right before the Sun went into Scorpio, it was like a light went on for me, but not to make it more bright. It was a light signaling “going inside now.” I suddenly felt calmer, hibernationy, and considerably tired. Yes, I also had a cold but it was accompanied by what I call “the ennui” and it felt bigger than me. It felt, well, cosmic!

Venus and Mars in Leo are tightly squared today so you may feel torn, hot and cold. Love him or love him not? Or maybe a little passive-aggressive. Or maybe a little lusty, for who? Which one of your suitors? You are loving the attention though!

Jupiter will oppose today’s New Moon and Sun suggesting largesse and excess but it’s in Scorpio/Taurus so there will be limits, not to the feelings but to the expression. The sextile to Pluto though shows the inner profound transformation going on. Where? Find your Scorpio/Taurus/Capricorn houses to get started…

And one other thing: think about this: what is dying inside you and what is being reborn? It need not be tragic or gruesome or some metaphorical miscarriage. Within Scorpio are the seeds for Sagittarius, the Master of Perspective.

So no matter how sick you feel right now, there is a horizon (Sagittarius) in the distance. I see you taking off your clothes (Scorpio) and resting there (Taurus) in the comfort of the Sun (Leo) as insights come to you (Aquarius) about your life at this time. See how you can use the fixed cross energy? In the center is you.

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