Italo Calvino & The Hanged Man

I love when I discover new Tarot meanings. Either straightforwardly (i.e. read them in a book) or when I get inspired by something I’ve read and make my own discovery.

And the more grounded the better. I think we forget the literal sometimes in favor of esoterica or abstract. Let’s bring those Major Arcana down to earth!

Today I pulled The Hanged Man for someone — this told me she waited — or was waiting. The waiting period was not over and thus timing was important. Using the natal/transit chart to time an important resumption of email contact.

And then on the train reading Calvino: “… the brigand had stripped him of all his belongings and had left him hanging from a branch, his head toward the ground.” 

My aha moment! This was exactly, so I surmised, how she felt, when she got the news of a “reversal of fortune.” This was no esoteric suspension. She lost something. Robbed. Stripped bare (on the inside). Stripped bare (her life path changed with one email).


I continued along in the book and stumbled upon the Temperance card which I recently saw in a reading (FOR ME) but REVERSED and I looked at the image of the card in the book and saw the cups, the two mixing cups and I FELT: libation! Elixir! Satisfying thirst and health. Drink and restore, recover. But reversed? NOT drinking the kool-aid and needing to upend the status quo. That the solution to my particular problem was more Uranian than I cared to admit. YOU BETTER ROCK THE BOAT (is the advice I took) – instead of pretending everything is fair, balanced, and fine.

And that’s only part of the story 🙂

What cards are you seeing? 

Love, MP


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