Is Your Natal Chart “Fixable” ?

A gal in my chat room asking if charts are fixable. And it was a Saturn question :”Will I ALWAYS be dealing with this?”

One way to look at it: Saturn is Capricorn and the opposite of Capricorn is Cancer and thus… radical self-love, acceptance, and nurturing, the ideal mother love, surely is the antidote, right? The way to solve Saturn problems? With love? Warm for the cold.

Like, when someone comes down hard on you and you tell them: I love you anyway. I’m not talking about situations of abuse or self-sacrifice. I’m kinda talking about the way you talk to yourself.

Damn. The next time someone disappoints you, experiment with this: instead of being Saturn, tell them that you love them anyway.

How do you “solve” your Saturn “problems” ? 

Love, MP


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