Is This The Last Stop On The Train? (Mars In Libra)

Reduce your expectations (refine your assumptions) and embrace Divine Will.

That’s my advice for the entire Mars in Libra Season — which will last until July 2014 — as Mars makes challenging aspects to Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Cancer.

Think of the slow moving planets as cosmic train engineers who believe in taking you off course. (Although you really aren’t off the map at all.)

But, MoonPluto, what does that mean: reduce expectations and embrace Divine Will. 

It means to let go. Do you realize how HARD this is? This assignment that I’m giving you? To stop clinging to what you hold dear. Because the train is leaving the station and you are on it. And you will head North and then you will head South and then North again and where you wind up by summer 2014 has a very Wheel of Fortune feeling to me.

It doesn’t mean stop striving – goals, wishes, desire.

But stop — especially in regards to your romantic RELATIONSHIPS — forcing your will. EVEN IF you already have someone, stop forcing your will, your personality, your sadness, your past trauma, your fear of loss.

I don’t know how to put it any clearer and words fail me. It’s a feeling more than anything. I KNOW when I’m behaving this way. That I’ve let go and I’m falling.

What you NEED to keep doing: keep being gracious, keep being kind, keep being compassionate.

Now I’m not saying that you should remain in toxic or abusive relationships, heaven forfend!

What I am saying: take your indecision (Libra!) and your 7 of Cups clouds of confusion and temptation and make room on the couch for guidance.

See, in 2014 your relationships will be a source of crisis or creativity. Sometimes both. You will be BUSY not only in your relationships but also in the Libra house of your chart. And even in the midst of crisis you can still make a choice. That’s what makes you… you. The choices you make. Conscious. Sentient.

A friend of mine recently told me something very interesting: don’t follow your heart. Follow God (insert your Higher Power name here). I thought this was very interesting because many of us think of these as the same thing.

And before you think I’m some kind of religious fanatic, I will stop here and say YES I AM SOME KIND OF RELIGIOUS FANATIC, but I am more Hermit than Hierophant. More High Priestess than Magician. No sleight of hand here.

And, again, this isn’t about “giving up” in terms of defeat (5 of Swords) but about allowing SPACE into your life and decisions. You can call it God. You can call it Universe. Or Higher Mind or Sun in the 12th House or whatever.

But know this: sexy warrior Mars in Libra is going to turn your head, whether through actual relationship transformation/deaths/rebirths — or by creating changes INSIDE you. That YOU change. And Mars in Libra fights for what he/she values.

Okay, lecture done for the day 😉 Any questions?

Mars enters Libra December 7th.
Mars goes retrograde March 1st at 27 degrees. 
Mars goes direct May 20th at 9 degrees.
Mars enters Scorpio July 27th.

Love, MP

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