Is Saturn Retrograde Annoying You?

Oh man. Maturity. Where Saturn is transiting in your chart shows you where you need to WISE UP, go the mature route. Not cry, not need too much, not beg. Be strong, be silent, or, at least, a (wo)man of few words. No complaining. Get the job done. Don’t be afraid. Don’t feel too much. Get the job done. Easy in Pisces Season where every moment is a different emotional overload, trigger, and distraction? Nope!

Saturn is backwards (confused!) in my 3rd House, my immediate environment. My neighbors. They are driving me bonkers. If it’s not one, it’s another. And yeah like clockwork… this stuff was NOT happening before the retrograde. I think the retrograde brings out… different sides to the House it’s transiting i.e. Saturn DIRECT through my 3rd was more about my moods, old depression resurfacing, needing to solve old problems (once and for all?), my writing, writers’ block (to name a few things).

But the retrograde is people pissing me off and me fighting for (Mars is in Aries) my rights. And continued writers’ block. One thing I’m dealing with is a noisy neighbor who has become my alarm clock. I’m up at the same time everyday because that’s when HE wakes up.

My general advice: know that you will be ANNOYED where Saturn is transiting 🙂 You will be TESTED where Saturn is transiting. But yes my dears, it’s a lesson to be learned. Strong strong stronger strongest! Do not suffer in silence. Take responsibility. Do what you can. It will be worse, trust me, if you do nothing. Saturn (even retrograde) supports action.

You CAN pass this test but you have to act, strategize (Scorpio), remaining calm in your position and power (highest vibration of Scorpio), not freaking out but not shirking your responsiblity even if that responsibility is to yourself.

So don’t let Saturn flatten you. Saturn is not supposed to flatten you. Although it often does. You are being asked (pushed, compelled) to rise to the occasion, meet it, grow up a little, do your best. And then do better. Figure out that House, what that House needs from you.

As Celia, my therapist of many years ago said:

Show up. Find your truth. Don’t get attached to results. 

Love, MP


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