Is It Karmic? Are We Fated? Synastry And The Nodes

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I used to be more of a skeptic. I have a Virgo South Node.

I think (Virgo) that I’m supposed to be less of a skeptic!

Clients sometimes ask about the “fatedness” of their relationships and I do have a philosophy that there are “free-will” relationships and there are “fated” ones. That some tangle us up totally “as written in the stars” and others are more about choosing.

And just because some may be “fated” it doesn’t mean they will happily ever after!

Here’s an example: a querent had wondered about the fatedness of a past relationship and she could find no nodal connection between their charts. The Nodes are not *everything* in such matters but that’s what people tend to look for.

I can’t remember actually what I discovered about their Nodes — I think she was correct — that that was not where the connection was. BUT there were other important hot spots between their two charts, particularly involving the other one’s 7th House and descendent! And then she told me that my information matched up with her own and what she’d heard before from other readers.

Doing astrology, for me, is as much about interpretation and insight as looking at numbers.

Last night I did a quick Tarot spread for a friend. We hadn’t planned on it but I’m so used to it now. We started talking and I started shuffling. Pulled a few cards for her on again-off again which is currently on-again and the energy between them was the Wheel of Fortune.

Now the Wheel of Fortune can be merely a turn of the Wheel, often a good turn, but in a relationship spread this felt mightily significant. New good stuff and the more cards we turned, the more the story was told about him and how he’s changing.

No astrology commenced but I felt they’d been dealt the card of Fate. They weren’t done  yet. Maybe they’d never be done. We shall see.


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