Investing In Relationships: 8th House Matters

"new moon in libra 2011"
Must it be? It must be

Today I feel like my mother.

I remember when I was in college, she called me to tell me my father had died. I kind of “knew it” already. And honestly I was relieved that it wasn’t my sister. Yes, that thought ran through my head. If someone had to die, I was glad it wasn’t her. Weird to think about it now. I knew it was a death call but not whose. And it just goes to show how estranged I was from my father.

But my mother was a Scorpio and I saw/heard her cry maybe… once? Or twice in my life. This was one of those times. And I know I’ve written about this moment before. My point is that no one wants their relationship to end. They had been divorced many years earlier and here she was calling me and she cried, I don’t hate him.  How could I hate him. I don’t hate him.

Which reminds me, my father’s Yartzeit is next week. I know I know I told her I know.

Do Moon Pluto daughters always take care of their mothers? I never thought I did, never thought I had.  But no one wants their relationship to end.  You invest.  8th House right? Scorpio “rules” the 8th house, often referred to as the house of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. Exchange of money, exchange of energy, exchange of life. The 8th House rules sex and death. 2nd House: yours. 8th House: theirs.

I have a friend with Scorpio Rising and a Scorpio Moon who is helping me a lot these days.  Say what you will about Scorpio (and people do) this woman can give you her energy and it’s like a feeding tube. And I’m no Libra but I want there to be balance. She is saving me now. I will save her when and if she needs. I commit to this friendship as Saturn in Libra in my 2nd squares my 11th House of friendship! I am defining (Saturn) what I value (2nd house). Take that Saturn! I’m doing your bidding!

When a relationship ends, by death or any other way, it’s disorienting, like a car in reverse, but you’re not driving the car, and it’s still moving! WTF!

Relationships may end under the Sun in Libra opposing Uranus. Or begin. Or end. Or begin again. Fast fast fast like a trick of the knife. With Pluto involved? Sudden death of what you thought was possible is possible.

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