Introducing the TAROT CLINIC (because we are sick and there is no cure!!)

"mercury opposition neptune"Details! 

All my classes take place on Facebook — in a “Secret Group” so no one sees the info but you!

If you are in any Facebook “group” at all — then you know how the class will look. The same “discussion thread” style that is on FB.

I bring topics to the group (a few times a week) and we discuss and share and learn.

I am part facilitator, part teacher, part Tarot obsessive 🙂

My schedule changes everyday so sometimes I’m around in morning, sometimes in afternoon, etc.

Sometimes we have days off. It’s mellow that way but ideally always something cooking in that room and someone to talk to 🙂 I tend to attract interesting, deep people/participants.

And because it’s on FB, people can go at their pace, participate whenever they want.

I am planning to do a month long class, which means the group will be open all month, probably the month of September (or starting late August) —

I tend to overload people with information (so I’ve been told) so I want to go a bit slower! I know folks have busy lives – so they can show up when they want, participate, lurk, etc…

The section below is something I’ve posting on my FB with some more details… about how it isn’t a “beginner’s class” per se but all levels are welcome!!


Beginners and all levels are welcome but we’ll be starting in the *middle*

I want to talk about reversed card meanings (theories of, and discussion of some individual cards)

I want to talk about unusual/off the beaten path card meanings (including some from Kabbalistic perspective)

I want to talk about YOUR favorite cards — ones that particularly vex you

I want to go deep into the Celtic Cross so you can get more out of this classic spread

AND ALSO we’ll be creating our own (virtual) Tarot decks. Not 78 cards but Mini-Verisions and do readings for each other from these.

YES WE WILL CREATE OUR OWN SYSTEMS OF DIVINATION. And you’ll have guidance on how to do so!

And of course there will be other exercises and signposts and discussion topics along the way but that’s my primary agenda above.

Your Tarot Topics will be welcome as well.

I’m still working on the START DATE. I could go with September 1st — OR if enough interest is shown — a week or so from today. I’m willing to take your preferences into consideration. We’ll see…

Class held in Secret Group on FB
Learn/participate/lurk at your own pace, your own schedule
Month-long class so we can take our time
Probably best if you already have *some* Tarot knowledge (and a traditional deck) but it’s not necessary!

Got questions? Please email me at moonpluto@gmail

I am raising rates a bit starting September 1st. Look here for the latest about my Astro/Tarot readings. 

Love and Blessings to all who visit here. Thank you xo