When does class begin?

January 21st and we’ll wrap things up 1st weekend in February.

The cost is $25.

Who is this class for?

For anyone interested in beginning  a Meditation Practice or for those whose discipline is wavering 🙂

Why meditate?

You either already know or can Google the cumulative, relaxing, mind-body-better-connected affects of meditation.

For us, this is what I am seeking:

1. grounding, get back in your body!

2. getting to know your own mind, observing what it does

3. increased ability to get in touch with/feel Spirit/Source Energy in your life

My plan is as follows:


the class will run for two weeks. Think of this two week time period as a mini-retreat even as you go about your daily life duties. Purpose of the mini-retreat mindframe: greater awareness of self and surroundings, heightened senses, deeper thoughts, and delving into what a meditation practice could mean for you.

That said, expect nothing 🙂


it is a drop-in course. You decide how much you want to participate in discussion. I post materials for us to ponder, questions you may “research” on your own, optional homework assignments.

I will post meditation times when I will be sitting but you can sit at *any* time that suits your schedule HOWEVER sitting daily (anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes) is advised. You may even sit twice 🙂

Sitting when I sit has value because when people sit together they raise their vibration (according to Edgar Cayce). I do commit to sitting at different times in an attempt to accomodate different time zones.


The class will either be a Secret Group on Facebook or on a private forum on my website. To be decided. It will be a safe, private space to discuss our experiences with the practice.


The value of this class for you depends on your participation. You won’t get anything out of it unless you “practice,” unless you sit. (And I’m not talking about hour-long sits. I’m talking about 5 min, 10, 15, 20….it is adjustable). There is no “right” or “wrong” in this class. It’s about making adjustments and seeing what is there, in your mind, in your body. And to do this practice together, with support. Community. 


I will provide meditation instruction *each day* and meditation techniques to focus us. I’m not a bells and whistles meditator. Know that. I don’t chant, for example. The instructions will be SIMPLE. Maybe not easy for the jumpy folks 😉 But simple. It may surprise you. One day the only instruction may be to follow your out-breath.


I will post inspirational materials!  I will not inundate you with links or book titles but choose from my library. Food for thought. This class is an antidote to Jupiter in Gemini and the wild information age that we live in. Again, think of it as a retreat.


There will be optional homework but I haven’t decided the form of it yet. Whether it will be active (i.e. meditative walks) or mindfullness exercises or answering simple questions to share with me or the group


Week One:  will focus on grounding meditation. Being in your body. Being in the present moment. I will likely use Pema Chodron and Katagiri Roshi as our guides

Week Two:  will focus on what I call “spiritual” meditation, and will use material from the Edgar Cayce Readings. 

At first I thought I would divide Week One and Week Two separately like that but now I’m thinking I may mix it up. To be decided. 

**It is my hope that $25 is affordable to any who are interested.   If you are blessed with a good income, you may Feed the Moon more or even subsidize a low-income meditation student.

Email me if you have questions: moonpluto@gmail

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