Introducing MoonPluto’s Spirit Guide Readings

I’m going to start offering a new reading and I’m giving this its own blog post so that I can try to explain a little what I’m up to.

I’m calling it my Spirit Guide Reading (email only at this time) and my goal will be to work with a specific question or crossroads you are at and to find the answer(s) (or as close as I can get) by getting in touch with your Guides to see whether you are still “in process” or you have the green light. Even if you have the green light, you still will make a choice. That’s the free-will part.

And I’m not talking about physical descriptions of Guides although that may come up. It’s more about tuning-in to where you are, regarding particular issues, with me specifically seeking answers, guidance, from this source in particular.

Make sense?

I’m going to start these readings at an introductory rate, the same rate as my 2013 Tarot Special which is $45 (it will eventually go up).

I am not sure how many questions I’ll want to work with for these readings. I’ll know more about that as I do more of them. Could be one, could be two. Or an easy yes/no flow could develop. These Readings will not involve astrology at this time.

Do email me if you have questions or want to schedule.

xo lots of love xo

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