Introducing Apprenticeship/Independent Study With MoonPluto

Greetings STAR LOVERS:

I hereby introduce INTENSE 1:1 MOONPLUTO ACTION!

The new website is not set up yet, but when it is, it will be my umbrella: where you will go to find the latest goings on in MoonPlutoLand, such as

-additional blog posts, news of classes, chats, special deals on Readings, and so on.

I’m also introducing a new way to work with me (and you don’t need to wait for the new site ):


An Apprenticeship with me on the topic(s) of your choice (choose from below or we create your own).

TWO WEEK or MONTH LONG processes. Yeah, that’s right. These are PROCESSES. 


HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM MY REGULAR READINGS (or my popular 4 for 3 special)? 

The answer? VIRGO. Organization.

I create a curriculum (including homework if desired), a learning structure. JUST FOR YOU.

This process combines the best of a class AND an intuitive reading, divining what your soul wants.

Encouraging, nurturing, and very very practical. We create a plan for you, together, based on your needs.


-an initial 40 minute consultation to plan your study, what you want to focus on (goal setting)

-one 40 minute chat per week (by Instant Message or Phone/Skype) to discuss goals/progress/new ideas

-one 20 minute check-in per week to discuss goals/progress/new ideas/venting!

-three 10 minute check-ins per week

(We touch base 5 days out of 7 days and thus you become PRIORITY, schedule wise. The only time I would “take off” would be if I were under the weather. Of course your schedule may get busy and that’s not a problem. We’d pick up where we left off. Life happens!)

-homework (if desired, written or activity-based)

-I will also set up a private chat room in which to post materials/thoughts, links, to read at your leisure

POSSIBLE AREAS OF STUDY (a partial list)

*increasing Jupiter in your life (living with less fear)

*increasing Saturn in your life (living with less procrastination)

*general astrology studies (good for overview or review of planets, signs, houses, elements, modalities, etc)

*specific astrology studies (delving deeply into aspects or houses, how to read a chart, for example. Can break this down even further! Hell, we could talk about the SEXTILE for two weeks!)

*major arcana of tarot/minor arcana of tarot/court cards of tarot

*managing moonpluto emotions (how-to)

*improving intuition (how-to)

*meditation studies (finding a “style” that works for you, increasing discipline)

*keeping up your spiritual routines (how to!)

*ritual and setting intentions (working with the Moon cycle)

*creative writing (poetry, journaling, yes even your list-making style can be tweaked!)

*healing (not a how-to heal others, but a targeted energetic healing from me. Details to be discussed)

*finding your power animal(s) and an intro to shamanic journeying

You can focus on just ONE topic (for the two weeks, or for the month) or choose 2-3 (depending) and we’ll creatively combine it all. 

(By the way, I particularly LOVE working with creative people, artists, visionaries, animal lovers, spiritual seekers, people in service, mothers, fathers, young people, dreamers, unicorns, freelance angels and ne’er do wells 🙂 I have an MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry but as fate would have it, I now blog/write in order to reach people, help people…)

Two Week Process: $525 by PayPal
Four Week/Monthlong: $975 by PayPal

By the end of our time together, you will have more faith, hope, strength, discipline, encouragement and POWER in your daily life/spiritual life.

Caveat: your success depends on your motivation. Now if what you want to work on is your motivation, we can do that too 🙂

For folks who are interested in working with me, but money is tight, we can set up a payment plan (breaking it down into a few installments and use a PayPal automatic deduction or other agreed upon option). 

Hope you got through all that. If there is something you want to work on with me (or have other questions!) and it wasn’t part of my list here, please message me with your ideas. I’m open.

Love, MP


Info about my Astrology & Tarot Readings can be found by clicking here. 

My 4 for 3 Special is ongoing!

Buy 3 hour-long readings and get FOUR. $300 PayPal.

You can use up the time as fast or as slow as you want. Email or Instant Message or Phone/Skype, your choice. Mix & match! 

ALSO: THE MOON & YOU (new course offering!)

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