Intermittent Love: Not Just For Venus Neptune!

"venus square neptune"Last night was great.

The second (and second to last) performance of my play. The actors could not have done a better job. They have become these characters. That’s what every playwright wants. It was beautiful to see.

AND, best of all, we had an audience 🙂

And after the performance, there was a brief “talk back,” a Q & A with the actors and director (I could have sat on stage with them but I did not want the spotlight on me, even in such a small room. Venus in Leo in the 12th is still Venus and still Leo but very much “behind the scenes.”)

And one woman from the audience brought up an interesting point.

See, the play is about a tumultuous love triangle and this audience member made a point how that even in rats (yes rats!) that “intermittent love,” the intermittent giving/taking back of love… is extremely compelling. We are WIRED this way.  To get hooked. Clients bring me this problem a lot. And I have been through it myself.

So even though some of you Venus Neptune or 12th House people, with all your longing and desire may have a greater tendency towards, um, masochism, it’s a human thing. No. An ANIMAL thing.

Which also explains my last two relationships. Different people. Different situations. But that intermittent quality was the same.

The point of this blog post is to remind you not to hate yourself for this, if you have suffered because of this. And to remind you that it is possible to seek out and HAVE consistent love.

A pal of mine Tweeted about the play. Here’s a link to a picture of the performance.  And you can look me up @moonplutonyc and see all her tweets on my Timeline. (By the way, the image on this blog post is NOT from my play. Our space is much smaller.)


This week is busy for me but I am scheduling Full Moon in Aries Readings for next week! 

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