Interesting Month For Cancer Risings (And The Stars Today)

"sun square neptune"We are under an Air/Fire sky at the moment. Sun in Gemini. Mercury in Gemini. Mars in Libra. The Moon is in Aquarius as I type this but will shift into Pisces. Venus is in Aries.

Sorry Water and Earth people. It’s not just your imagination. You really are out of your element for the time being. Not so grounded. Crazy ideas or just buzzy. Frazzled.┬á Busy. Phone calls. Misplaced messages. Crossed wires. Hectic. Missed appointments. Malfunctioning elevators. Giddy electronics. Psychic overdrive. Prophetic dreams. Things feel out of your control. Can’t get a handle.

This week there have been disruptions in my home. Planets transiting my 10th affecting my 4th. Mars in Cancer gets irate.

Interesting also to note where Gemini is in your chart because Gemini is chatter. I have a friend with Cancer Rising and she has been having a Really Interesting Time with Mercury and now the Sun in Gemini. Gemini is her 12th House, associated with the collective, with the experience in the womb, with ancestors. She is constantly receiving messages from the cosmic call-center and even more so during Gemini Season.

Is Gemini a water house in your chart? These are the true unencumbered psychics of the zodiac. You get words upon words upon waves.

Advice for water: Ten of Pentacles –
Advice for earth: Queen of Pentacles –
Advice for air: The Magician –
Advice for fire: The Emperor –

“Be here now” is what all these cards say to me. Try. Look after your health, stand your ground, do your work, enjoy the fruits of your labor, take care of yourself. Bask in your power ­čÖé

Love, MP

Part Two of my thoughts on the Magician card via 

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